What is Physical Intervention Training?

GSA PMVA and Physical Intervention Courses at Aiker Training

PMVA Training, or, the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression Training is a key skill training subject required in many NHS and private health and social care providers.

Physical Intervention specifically pertains to the skills employed by care professionals to stop violent or harmful behaviours that put the service user or other individuals at risk of being harmed.

Physical Intervention, also referred to as physical restraint is governed by legislation and national guidance. These include the Mental Health Act, NICE Guidelines, and NHS England policies, and soon new legislation, The Use of Force in Mental Health Units.

Skills that are taught should be ‘service-provider’ and ‘service-user’ specific, based on risk assessments, training needs analysis and whole service involvement. This means the skills are both relevant and suitable to the service, and least restrictive to the individual being restrained.

In addition to physical skills, our Physical Intervention program enhances learner knowledge through theory sessions based around the law and legislation, De-escalation methods, and understanding violent and aggressive behaviour.

Our goal is that with better training, staff will use appropriate skills for the level of risk presented, with an understanding of their actions to know what is lawful and what is not.

Better Training Means Better Care