Restraint Reduction Network

Health & Social Care Courses at Aiker Training

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have joined the Restraint Reduction Network in an effort to keep abusive and unnecessary restraints out of health and social care.

The Restraint Reduction Network offer fantastic support for providers in reducing the number of restraints with the goal of minimising restrictive practice and treating all vulnerable people with dignity, care and respect, irrespective of the challenges that might be present.

The ethos of this mission underpins every aspect of our physical Intervention (PMVA) training courses and lays the foundation of what the GSA stand for: best practice.

At Aiker Training we use the tools and systems the Restraint Reduction Network offer when supporting our clients with violence management training and consultation.

For more information about the restraint reduction Network, Aiker Training, or how we can work together to promote peoples rights in a safe and security conscious way, please call us on 01508 218 017.

Visit the Restraint Reduction Network website