COVID-19 – Return To Training

We are extremely pleased to announced that we are slowly returning to classroom based training.

We know that during any crisis training takes on a lower priority especially as staff and business have to adjust to new ways of working. Don’t worry, we have had to make adjustments to the way we work too.

That’s why we have created our COVID-19 Classroom Training Guidelines. These guidelines will support our learners and trainers to feel safe in the classroom, whilst doing all we can to minimise the risk of viral transmission during courses.

Here’s what we are doing to keep you safe:

Provisions For Training

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments must be in place in regards to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 during face to face training. This must include both physical and theory based courses as well as number of delegates to attend based on venue size and course type. Physical Intervention training will be limited to 6 people due to requirement for physical contact.


Courses must be adapted in such a way as to reduce likelihood of viral transmission between delegates where possible.


All attendees must be subjected to questioning regarding historic symptoms, or contact with those who may have experienced symptoms.

Pre-course Assessment

On arrival for courses, and each day a course is held, all delegates and tutors must undergo contactless temperature checking and checked for obvious signs of symptoms.

In the event of a positive high temperature, or signs of symptoms, the delegate will not be permitted entry.

Should a person develop symptoms during a course they should not be allowed to continue at that time and be offered a return to course when they are at least 2 weeks clear of symptoms.

Venue Requirements

Any venue where training is to take place there should readily be available hand washing facilities. Restrooms should be frequently cleaned and maintained.

Desks/ learner seating should be placed as to provide at least 2 metres distance of other learners and the tutor.
Desks should be cleaned on a frequent basis during the course.

Physical Training

Wherever possible, training requiring physical contact between learners should be avoided, until the government has confirmed the National COVID-19 level as ‘3’.

In some circumstances, and due to the nature of the training, and the compulsory need for it in respect of workplace violence, the following must be adhered to:

  • Teams should be set for the entire duration of the course and only conduct physical skills with members of their team to limit contact with others attendees.
  • Alcohol gel must be available and its use enforced after every skills set has been practiced.
  • Hand washing will be mandatory at the close of every day / course.
  • Due to nature of physical training, the use of face masks will not be enforced but permitted at the request of learners, subject to declaration that they are accountable to their own health and well-being, including breathing difficulties and bacterial growth, brought on by wearing face masks over a prolonged period.

Further Guidance

These guidelines are subject to change following updates from central government and industry advice.