Course Date

23, 24 & 25 November 2022

Course Times

09:00 - 17:00

Course Location

Aiker Training, 1 Europa Way, Norwich, NR1 2EN

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23, 24 & 25 November 2022

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Course Information

Candidates wishing to attend a PMVA refresher must have completed a GSA physical skills course within the last 15 months prior to the course date.

Course Content

PMVA refers to the Prevention and Management of Violence & Aggression. It encompasses a range of approaches to dealing with challenging behaviours in safe ways that put the individual at the centre of their behaviours whilst keeping those around them safe.

This is an initial training course and is designed for people undergoing their first GSA training, or those whose training has expired.

The day will cover the following areas from our PMVA syllabus:

Module 1 (1 Day)
  • The Use of Force and The Law (Theory)
  • Breakaway Physical Skills (Practical)


Module 2 (3 Hours)
  • Challenging Behaviour and De-escalation

Module 3 (2 Hours)
  • The Physical Risks & Psychological Impact of Restraint

Module 4 (4 Hours)

Low Level Physical Intervention Skills

  • Basic Guiding Holds
  • Basic Secure Holds
  • Seated Restaint & De-escalation

Module 5 (1 Day)

Supine Restraint Physical Skills

  • Planned descent to supine
  • Service-user ‘unplanned’ descent to supine
  • Holding in supine
  • Supine de-escalation
  • Standing from the ground

Course Requirements

This course is physical in nature.

Health & Fitness

On arrival you will be required to complete a health assessment declaration. This is ensure your ability to safely complete the course.


Please wear clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable. Soft soled shoes are essential. As this course will involve floor work, please ensure your clothing will protect and maintain your dignity.

Personal Hygiene

Physical exercise on this course can raise your body temperature. Please be aware of personal body odours and come to the course equipped to manage your personal hygiene.

Learner Safety

It is essential to maintain the safety of all learners on this course. Please ensure you finger nails are keep short and please avoid wearing any jewellery that could lead to physical injury.

Attitude and approach to this course form part of the assessment criteria. Any attendees found to be acting in a way that disrupts the group or causes harm to others will be removed from the session.

Attendee Information

Please read the following carefully:

Arrival & Parking

Please arrive in good time for the start of the course.

We offer limited parking spaces. Arrive in good time to avoid parking disappointment. There is road side parking nearby.

Other Travel Arrangements

We are a 20 minute walk from Norwich train station, and there are local bus routes that stop within a few minutes walk of the centre.

See You Soon!