The Use Of Force & The Law

A persons right to be safe at work, and to protect themselves is a lawful right.

But that right must be balanced and lawful- especially in health and social care where challenging behaviours are apparent.

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Use Of Force and The Law In Health & Social Care Training at Aiker Training

More About This Course


Our Use Of Force and The Law course is for health & social care staff who may be exposed to aggression and find themselves needing to protect themselves.

The course is 3 hours that can be offered as a standalone certificated course or as part of a full PMVA course. This course is also part of every Breakaway & Personal Safety Course.

This course will help learners to understand their legal right to protect themselves should they find themselves in situations posing a risk of harm.

However, they will also learn how to balance those rights against health and social care codes of practice and professional standards and understand the consequences for the unjustified use of force.


Aim of The Course
  • To promote best practice in managing aggressive behaviour when it presents itself within a workplace environment.
  • To provide clarity on the law and your safety both inside and outside of the workplace.
Objectives of The Course
  • To understand your legal rights relating to interventions, knowing what laws protect you within your workplace and within a public surrounding.
  • Be able to balance professional responsibilities with personal safety and make dynamic risk assessments when using force.
  • To understand what ‘reasonable force’ is.
  • Report and record incidents effectively using whatever tools and documents available within the workplace.
This course will examine the following topics:
  • The principles of JAPAN formula for using force
  • The Mental Health Act
  • The Mental Capacity Act
  • The Health & Social Care Act
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Criminal Law Act
  • What is meant by ‘Proportionate Force’ and how that is measured
  • How to be audited effectively when force has been used
  • The consequences if force is used inappropriately 

This course is 3 hours.

Assessment Process for this course

Learners will engage in a series of group activities and feedback sessions to assess learning.

Certification Options

This course certificated as taught under the GSA standards. It can be certificated as a standalone course or as part of a wider PMVA training programme.

This course is also part of our Breakaway & Personal Safety Course.

What Other Learners Say About This Course....

Cannot recommend these guys enough.. wouldn’t use any other training company 5 star all the way.

Amanda Hope / Independent Lives

Thank you for being so patient and just all round awesome, it’s such good training and I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Tamara Philips

Understanding the law around MVA is vital to putting it into practice with confidence through appropriate justification.

Menkius Edwards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is physical intervention (PMVA) training?

Physical Intervention is more commonly known as restraint- the intentional application of restrictive holds designed to limit a person’s freedom of movement to prevent them causing harm to themselves or to other people.

Such skills are commonly used in teams of 2 or more skilled professionals.

Our Physical Intervention skills are backed by a framework of underpinning knowledge around behaviour management.

What makes your physical intervention programme different?

We take a serious approach to the prevention of abusive practice when managing violent and aggressive behaviour.

Our training is based on a set of skills designed not to cause pain, which puts the individual at the centre of the incident.

Our focus is restraint avoidance and adopting a therapeutic approach to behaviour management.

Our physical intervention programmes are backed with comprehensive theoretical components exploring the theories of aggression and why people become aggressive, and how to approach the topic of de-escalation as part of a preventative strategy.

How can I book PMVA training?

If you would like to book this course, please contact: 01508 218 017

Or see if we have one courses bookable online here

Who are The GSA?

The GSA is our regulatory body governing our breakaway’s and Physical Intervention Training. The GSA set the standards by which we must deliver our courses in the Management of Violence and Aggression (or PMVA, PMA and MOVA as it is sometimes called).