Introduction To Positive Behaviour Support (Foundation)

Positive Behaviour Support or PBS is now a Skills For Care required subject for all services working with people with learning disabilities and autism.

PBS is an evidence-based model of care, aimed at understanding mal-adaptive behaviours and working with the person to learn functionally equivalent behaviours.

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Foundation Positive Behaviour Support

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More About This Course


This course will enable staff to understand what is meant by Challenging Behaviour, why behaviours occur and find the least restrictive ways to reduce the behaviour.

The course is 6 hours that can be offered as a standalone certificated course.

Challenging Behaviour is not always aggressive or violent. And these behaviours are still communicating a need for something.

By understanding what the behaviour is trying to communicate, we can work the person to develop more appropriate, or positive ways to meed that need.

Positive Behaviour Support is a person-centred framework for providing long term sustained support to a person likely to, or already demonstrating challenging behaviours, in such a way so to promote their freedom, choices, inclusion in care and equal opportunities.

Aim of The Course
  • To understand what Positive Behaviour Support is as a framework.
  • To understand what challenging behaviours are, and why they present.
  • For staff to understand their role in providing a PBS care model.
  • Reduce challenging behaviour and restrictive practice through partnership working.
Objectives of The Course
  • To know the values, theory and processes behind PBS.
  • Be able to improve the quality of life for the individuals that staff work with.
  • To know the difference between ‘What I Want’ and ‘What you Need’.
  • Be able to define what behaviour is, and what it is communicating.
  • Be able to list what restrictive practices are when they should be used
  • Explain why a holistic and systemic approach to Positive Behaviour Support is essential.
This course will examine the following topics:
  • What Positive Behaviour Support is
  • The key values underpinning PBS
  • Functions of behaviour
  • Multi-disciplinary working 
  • Applied Behavioural Analysis
  • Restrictive Practices
  • Behaviour Support Plans

This course is 6 hours.

Assessment Process for this course

Learners will engage in a series of group activities and feedback sessions to assess learning.


This course certificated as taught under the Skills for Care standards.

What Other Learners Say About This Course....

Attended some training today in Ipswich and although this was a refresher for me I felt that I have learnt more from today than from previous courses. Thanks for a great day.

Emma Louise / Suffolk Mind

Well it’s been a year since my PMVA training and I’ve just had my 3 day refresher. Such a FANTASTIC course and I still highly recommend.

Claire Leeks / iCare Clinical

Great trainers, kept my staff engaged throughout. I would highly recommend.

Lisa Black / Woodspring House